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Revised Supplemental Forms

Form CEA/CEB—Current Expense Formula/Minimum Classroom Compensation
Part I, Current Expense Formula; and
Part II, Minimum Classroom Compensation

  • Added the following resource codes to the reductions in Column 4a and Line 13a: Resource 5316, Child Nutrition: COVID CARES Act Supplemental Meal Reimbursement; Resource 7027, Child Nutrition: COVID State Supplemental Meal Reimbursement; Resource 7121, Distance Learning California Advanced Services Fund.

  • Removed the following obsolete resource code from the reductions in Column 4a and Line 13a: Resource 6382, California Career Pathways Trust.

Form MYP/MYPI—Multiyear Projections

Added new Resource 6546 to the Special education pass-through funds (Line F1b2) and modified calculations for Budget column accordingly, effective 2021–22.

Form SEA—Special Education Revenue Allocations
Section I, Total SELPA Revenues - Deleted Line I.B, COLA Apportionment. - Deleted Line I.C, Growth Apportionment or Declining ADA Adjustment. - Deleted Line I.D, Subtotal. - Renumbered remaining lines and modified calculations accordingly.