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Attachment D—LEA Custom Info (Named Elements) Import Specifications

The LEA Custom Info screen, accessed under the Forms menu option from the Main Menu, displays LEA custom information supplied by the extract file and brought into the LEA element table in the SACS Web System during the Import process. This information is for LEA use and is not part of state requirements.

The LEA Custom Info provides information regarding conditions in the financial data import source. The following is an example of information that may exist in the database:

Reporting Period - Budget Fiscal Year & Data Type - 2020–21 Estimated Actuals Data Source Actuals From: FCS Data Discrepancy Error: Fu01 9712 <> 9320

The LEA Custom Info specifications are identical to the general ledger specifications contained in Attachment C, with the following exceptions:

  • The header will contain one additional field at the end of the record, which must have the value “ELEMENT.”

For example: “2020–21”,”01100170000000”,”BS1”,”BE”,”ELEMENT”

  • The detail record first field will contain LEA.


Note: LEA Custom Info data may be contained in the same file as the general ledger or supplemental data.