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User Entities & User Roles

SACS User Roles

User roles play a critical part in the SACS Web System. User roles ensure dataset submissions and the workflow are properly followed. Additionally, certain roles provide SACS Web System health and security. The following table illustrates each user role, permissions, whether that role is part of the submission workflow, and which role grants access to permissions.

Note: The table below provides a summary of permissions that may be granted to each role. The Submission section of the SACS Web System User Guide provides a full accounting of the permissions that may be granted to each role.

User Role Permissions Submission
How Do I Get This Role?
Public Default account;
Ability to view published (UA data), certified budget, and interim data for all entities.
No Self Register
User Management
Edit Draft Dataset Ability to edit draft datasets only Yes
User Management
Edit Dataset Ability to edit submission datasets for associated within granted entities Yes User Management
Dataset Approval Ability to promote a draft dataset to submission dataset list and to oversight reviewing agency Yes User Management
Oversight Ability to review and edit a submission for which the entity has oversight responsibilities Yes User Management
Certify/Promote to CDE Ability to certify and submit (UA) data to the CDE Yes CDE User Management
User Management Ability to manage user accounts No Administration
Administration Ability to create other administration and user managemnt accounts No CDE User Management

SACS Entities

Entities are specific agencies involved with statutory financial reporting requirements. Example entities include individual LEAs, charter schools, COEs, JPAs, the State Board of Education, and CDE.

Each entity has specific roles and permissions within the SACS Web System (e.g., a charter school can be granted access to edit datasets but not Oversight for those datasets). Each entity must have at least one user with the Administration role who will then grant one or more users with the User Management role. The user with the User Management role will then administer all users and grant permissions according to need.

The table below illustrates each entity type and the permissions allowed by the SACS Web System for that particular entity.

Edit Draft Dataset Edit Dataset Dataset Approval Oversight User Management Administration Certify/Promote to CDE
District x x x x x x
Charter School x x x x x
COE x x x x x x x
SELPA x x x x x x
JPA x x x x x x
SBE x x x x x x