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Year End Projections

What To File—End of Year Projection Report (if required)

Pursuant to EC Section 42131(e)[1240.2], the governing board of each school district[COE] filing a qualified or negative certification for the second report required under EC Section 42130[1240], or classified as qualified or negative by the county superintendent of schools[State Superintendent of Public Instruction (State Superintendent)], shall provide to the county superintendent of schools[State Superintendent], the State Controller, and the State Superintendent no later than June 1, financial statement projections of the district’s[COE’s] fund and cash balances through June 30 for the period ending April 30.

Although statute does not require that these end of year projection reports be prepared in a format or on forms prescribed by the State Superintendent, interim reporting forms that serve this purpose are available within the software by selecting the End of Year Projection reporting period.

A printed copy of each of the following forms is considered a complete submission:

  • Form AI—Average Daily Attendance (not applicable for JPAs).
  • Form 01I—General Fund[County School Service Fund]—Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund Balance including assumptions.
  • Financial statement (fund form) for every fund other than General Fund projecting a negative fund balance.
  • Form CASH—Cashflow Worksheet.
  • Form MYPI—Multiyear Projections including assumptions.
  • Form MYPIO—Multiyear Projections for any fund other than the General Fund[County School Service Fund] projecting a negative fund balance.
  • Technical Review Checklists for original budget and projected year totals data types, with all fatal exceptions cleared and valid warning exceptions explained.
  • Any other applicable forms, as listed in Attachment A.

Projection as of April 30, 2023—Due Date—June 1, 2023 (if required)