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Navigating SACS

Dashboard Overview

Once a user logs into the SACS Web System, the user enters the home page, or Dashboard, from which a user may navigate through the Main Menu (1) to the dataset Import page, Users list, dataset review Queues, Tools menu, and or specify a specific Fiscal Year.

Eleven items of the SACS Dashboard describe below

The Dashboard (or Home Page) displays the

  1. Main Menu
  2. User Profile section
  3. Fiscal Year selector
  4. User Guide link
  5. Display Drafts/Official submissions selector
  6. New Draft button
  7. Compare Submission/Query SACS selector
  8. Column Filter/Sort icons
  9. Submission Columns
  10. Submission Column Show/Hide selector
  11. Submissions per Page selector

User Profile menu displaying 6 items described below.

The User Profile section on the right of the Main menu displays:

  1. Current Fiscal Year
  2. Current user and entity
  3. All entities associated with the current profile
  4. Edit Profile link
  5. Help Desk link
  6. Logout of the application link

By default, the Dashboard displays the draft datasets. However, users may view Official, Draft or all datasets by selecting the appropriate option on the Drafts/Official submissions selector.

Note: Submissions after this state will be displayed in a queue.

By default, the Dashboard displays only the draft datasets (datasets with a state of Draft and by selecting the Official/Other option, datasets that have been promoted beyond the Draft state will be displayed. Selecting All will display all datasets, Draft or Other.

Each dataset is arranged as a row in the dataset list. The dataset list has 14 columns which can be reduced by using the Columns Selection dropdown button.

Each column has a column name (1), which when clicked will sort that column ascending or descending, a Sort (2) icon (which sorts the column in ascending and descending order) and a Filter (3) icon, which when clicked will open the filter dialog box (4).

The user can also create a new draft dataset from scratch for the purpose of working on a dataset without importing data from the district’s financial program.

Clicking the New Draft button allows the user to create a blank dataset. The blank draft dataset can then be used as an official or charter dataset.

The Main menu is located on the top of each page within the SACS application and can be accessed anytime, apart from the user opening specific forms or pages. When those pages or forms are open, a Back button will be accessible to allow the user to return to the Dashboard screen.

Dashboard Menu Item

The Dashboard menu item when selected will return the user to the Home page or the Dashboard view. The Dashboard is the default view when a user logs into the SACS application.

  • Import Menu

    The Import menu displays two menu options:

    • Single Import – This option allows the user to import a single dataset (text file with .dat, .txt, .csv extensions) into the SACS Web System from the user’s financial software. The application requires the dataset to be the same fiscal year as the one selected in the Fiscal Year menu.

    • Multiple Import – This option allows the user to import up to five datasets at the same time. Each dataset must have a unique name.

    • Importing Datasets

  • Users Menu

    The Users Menu allows the user to view a list of all user accounts. This list can be filtered by All Users, Public Users, Associated Users, or by a search criterion. An entity user with the User Management role may use this screen to manage the associated entities and roles of that entity’s users.

    Refer to the User Management section for detailed information about viewing, establishing, and managing SACS Web System.

  • Queues Menu

    The Queues menu provides users with a unique set of views for different stages of the submission workflow. The submission workflow allows a user to promote a submission to the next step, or state, or demote a submission to the previous state, if necessary. During each workflow step, with the exception of the Draft state, the submission is visible on a specific queue.

    A user’s assigned roles determine available queues. Only those queues are viewable by the user in the Queue drop down menu. When the user clicks a specific queue, a list of submissions that meet the queue criteria is displayed. The user may then promote or demote one or more of those submissions to the next or previous state in the workflow.

  • Tools Menu

    The Tools menu provides LEA users with entity-specific SACS tools such as Single String Validation, Charter School Management, Request for UA Promoter Role, Check Submission Status and Blank Forms.

  • Fiscal Year Menu

    The FiscalYear menu allows a user to select the relevant fiscal year for a specific task. . To upload a dataset, the fiscal year must be the same as the year displayed in the FiscalYear menu.

    Users may access prior year datasets by selecting the appropriate fiscal year.

  • User Profile Menu

    The User Profile menu located on the right of the Main Menu is also an indicator to show:

  • The user currently logged into the application.

  • The current year (selected by the FiscalYear menu option).
  • The current entity which displays the entity’s name and CDS code
  • A dropdown menu showing all entities associate with the current user.

Additional menu items include the Edit Profile menu item to allow the user to edit contact information, add or remove entities and roles as well as the Logout menu item.

Dataset Submission List

The main portion of the Dashboard is the Dataset Submissions List. From this page, the user can view all datasets associated with their profile.

Each dataset is represented on a row within the Dataset Submission list. Each row has up to 14 columns with each column having a filter and sort icon to further reduce the number of datasets visible.

View Dataset List Elements

Performing Tasks on the Dataset List