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View all LOCKED user accounts.

Image of the View Users page with the All Users (1) drop-down menu, (2) Global Search Filter, (3) Column FIlter icon, (4) Password Status column and (5) Account Status column

(1) All Users drop-down menu
(2) Global Search Filter
(3) Column FIlter icon
(4) Password Status column
(5) Account Status column

A user with the User Management role may view a list of users who are locked out because they attempted to log in with the incorrect password 5 times. To view these accounts:

  1. From the Main Menu, click the View Users List option on the Users menu.

  2. When the View Users page opens, use the filter icon in the Account Status (5) field to select the Locked option.

  3. The resulting users on the list will be all accounts that are locked.

From this list, you can reinstate a user’s account by clicking the Action button which will send a reset password email to the user.