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All forms that require a certification require an original signature; “stamped” signatures are not acceptable. Designee signatures should only be used when indicated as allowable on the form. [For COEs only, facsimiles of originally signed budget or interim certification forms are acceptable.]

School districts[COEs] file their adopted budget and prior year’s estimated actuals with their COE[CDE]

What To File—Budget Adoption Documents

A printed copy of each of the following is considered a complete budget submission:

  • Form 01—General Fund[County School Service Fund]—Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund Balance, including assumptions.

  • Financial statement (fund form) for every fund other than the General Fund[County School Service Fund] maintained by the LEA.

  • Form A—Average Daily Attendance (not applicable for JPAs).

  • Form CB—Certification of Budget Adoption (with original signatures).

  • Form CC—Workers’ Compensation Certification (with an original signature).

  • Form 01CS—Criteria and Standards Review.

  • Form MYP—Multiyear Projections including assumptions.

  • Technical Review Checklists (TRCs) for budget and actual data types, with all fatal exceptions cleared and valid warning exceptions explained.

  • Any other applicable forms, as listed in Attachment A.

Due Date

Due Date—July 1, 2022 Budgets, including estimated 2021–22 unaudited actuals.