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SACS Users

SACS Web System users are required to have an account to log into the application. They do so by creating an account using an existing email address and creating a password. Each user account may be associated with multiple entities. Each user may have one or more roles. A user with User Management permissions is authorized to assign user roles within their entity.

An example of a typical user role hierarchy and oversight workflow at the COE level for UA submissions may include the following steps:

  1. A CDE user with the role of User Management grants a user at the COE level the role of Administration and or User Management.

  2. A user with the role of User Management delegates management of users and accounts to an LEA user with the User Management role to manage accounts within that entity.

  3. The COE or LEA user with the User Management role creates all entity accounts for their entity. Additionally, the COE user with the User Management role may grant one or more users the role of Oversight.

  4. When a UA submission has been reviewed and approved by the user with Oversight role, a user from the COE requests the role of Certify/Promote to CDE from CDE.

  5. Once granted by CDE, a COE user with the Certify/Promote to CDE role promotes submissions to CDE for the current fiscal year.


How-To Instructions on logging into the SACS application as a Public user and as an Entity user (user assigned to one or more entities and have roles within SACS)


Learn what permissions are available to each user role and how specific entities effect your permissions


How-To Instructions for administering user accounts in SACS. This section is primarily for the SACS user with User Management role.