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Dataset Submissions

Introduction to Submissions

The Data Submission and Review Workflow area replaces the existing SACS Software, eTransfer, and Workflow.

This data submission and review workflow module provides SACS users with an end-to-end financial data submission process that includes all phases of the submission process from LEA data submission through CDE review activities with tracking and monitoring of the data. Some transition and state changes for data submissions are included with some system-automated or approval-based.

The workflow is role-based and authorized users have the ability to view and manage relevant workflow items. Multiple users can work with the same data file at the same time. Users and reviewers are able to provide comments and request corrections to a data submission as part of the workflow process.

The workflow includes charter school reporting where the charter school has the ability to report in either the SACS format or Alternative format. Reviewing agencies of charter schools are able to monitor submission progress.

Dataset Edit and Locking

The ability to access any functionality that allows modification of data associated with a dataset requires the user to have the minimum role of Edit Dataset or Edit Draft Dataset and the user must be a member of the entity authoring the submission. Additionally, the user must lock the form or entire submission prior to editing and if the submission is locked by another user, a user with the Administration or User Manager role can remove the lock.

Submission form with 5 elements highlighted

  1. Lock Submission button
  2. View Current Locks button
  3. Lock Current Form button
  4. Notification of who and what form a lock is applied
  5. Notification of submission locked

To lock a submission or individual form

a. Open the submission by clicking the submission link on the Dashboard Submission list.

b. On the User Data Input Review screen click either the Lock Submission button (1) or the Lock Current Form button (3).

c. A notification (5) will be displayed if the lock was successful.

If the submission or form is locked by another user, you can unlock the submission if you have the Administration or User Management role.

To unlock a submission or form

a. Go to the User Data Input Review screen or the form which is locked

b. Click the View Current Locks button (2)

c. In the notification (4) click the remove lock button for each form or submission.

Locking criteria based on form dependencies

Left Navigation Pane Locking Requirements
Table of Contents No Locking Requirements
User Data Input/Review SUBMISSION wide locking required
TRC SUBMISSION wide locking required
Forms FORM* or SUBMISSION wide locking required
CEFB SUBMISSION wide locking required
IFC Statuses No Locking Requirements
Version History No Locking Requirements
Import SUBMISSION wide locking required
Export No Locking Requirements
LEA Custom Information No Locking Requirements

Locking a FORM will also lock other forms if part of a chain dependency. See Attachment E—Form Dependencies.

Dataset Workflow

Workflow Criteria

Learn more about Submission Workflows

Opening the Submission Page

  1. From the Dashboard page, click the submission link (CDS number in the CDS Number column).

Submissions page displaying a list of datasets and can be accessed through a Submission link (1).

The submission will open to the User Data / Input Review Screen.

User Data Input Review screen displaying six elements of the page as described below.

Key Elements of the User Data / Input Review Screen includes:

  1. Submission Control buttons

    • Lock Submission
    • Display Current Locks
    • Verify Official Status
    • View and Add Comments
  2. Print and Export buttons

  3. Data type selector

  4. Add GL data record button

  5. Record Flag Indicator Column

  6. Record Action buttons

    • Edit Record button
    • Delete Record button
  7. Cumulative Total display

Elements of the Dataset Submission

Table of Contents

User Data Input Screen

Technical Review Checks


Components of Ending Fund Balance / Net Position (CEFB)


Version History



LEA Custom Information