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The unaudited actuals financial report represents the financial position and results of operations of the school district[COE] for the fiscal year 2021–22.

What To File—Unaudited Actuals Financial Reports

For all local educational agencies (LEAs), the following are required to be filed with the CDE via the COE (for charter schools see Charter Schools Financial Reports). The COE must electronically file all LEA submissions with the state and retain the signed certifications for the COE, districts, JPAs, and charter schools.

  • Form CA—Printed copy of District[COE] Certification with original signatures.

  • One “Official” submission containing SACS unaudited actual data, prepared using the unaudited actuals period (not the budget period), which includes the most current board approved budget data; all required forms (see Attachment A for a list of the forms); and the unaudited actual data Technical Review Checklist with all fatal exceptions cleared and all warning exceptions explained.

Due Date— September 15, 2022

School district 2021–22 unaudited actuals financial reports are due to the COE.

Due Date— October 15, 2022

School district and COE 2021–22 unaudited actuals financial reports are due to the CDE.

COEs review the school districts’ 2021–22 unaudited actuals financial reports for accuracy and certify the school district and COE unaudited actual data and to electronically submit the officially exported unaudited actual data files, including the most current board approved budget data, to the CDE.

Submitting Unaudited Actual Data to the State

County offices of education must use the SACS Web System to file all LEAs’ unaudited actual submissions with the state. The SACS Web System allows COEs to electronically certify the data and transmit the data files to the CDE. Before being permitted to submit to the CDE, COEs must submit the “Request for Unaudited Actuals Promoter Role” form to the CDE each year. This form is accessed and completed online by COEs through the Tools menu in the web application.


  • Unaudited actual submissions to the state must be Official unless the CDE has given the LEA permission, prior to submission, to submit a file containing pre-approved errors. A separate email explaining all fatal exceptions and the reason for not using the Official export must be sent to the CDE at

  • Before electronically certifying data files, the COE is required to have on file the signed and completed certification, Form CA, for each LEA file being submitted. The original paper-copy certifications for the COE, districts, JPAs, and charter schools are retained by the COE and are not forwarded to the state.